Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Stuff

C has been busy planting trees and berries and building me a lovely raised garden - it's been hot work some days, and dodging raindrops others, but he's finally finished.  Big Brother and I chose some plants to put into the raised bed - lettuce and silverbeet so we're watching and waiting to see them grow now.  Thanks to C's hard work we also have raspberry, blueberry, black currant, cherry, apple, pear, plum, quince and fig all planted and getting ready to give us lots of yummy fruit in the next few years.  I wonder how he'll take my next idea which is to plant grapes along the drive way?

 Strawberries down below and a nice little path so I don't have to touch the dirt ;)

An overview of our 'orchard' and garden

Big Brother's lettuce and silverbeet   

Raspberries... I can't wait for these to get big! 

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