Friday, March 30, 2012


BB: if there was no gravity babies would float away as soon as they were born.
LS: it'd be quieter then cos they'd have no air to cry in space.

LS: If there was no gravity it'd be awfully hard to eat my breakfast.

LS: what flies in the air and wobbles?
BB: a Jellycopter.  What's around at Christmas and wobbles?
LS: A jelly santa!  What grows in the ground and wobbles?
BB: a jelly tree!  What do we live on that wobbles?
LS: a tectonic plate!
BB: no!  Well, yes.  But that's not made of jelly.

BB: Mum, when I was born could I talk?
Me: Babies don't talk when they're born.  They cry and use other things to let us know what they need.
BB: Then I got tired of waiting for you to work it out and start using my words.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's been happening for us?

y'know, just stuff ;)

 <<< reading while we eat <sigh>

<<< don't you know you need a snorkel to spell?

The Crow and The Peacocks

<<< Big Brother learned to swim!

Little Sister... did not! 

Little Sister's new winter hat >>>

Clearing out baby stuff... LS likes this one!

Sharing school time with some friends

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quest: Piano

Big Brother is working away at his Quest Badges.  Today he was working on his piano badge.  One of the requirements is:

Learn to play a new song on your instrument at your current level of ability. Play the song for another 

So here he is... he played it for me, and now he's playing for you :-)  Please excuse the Little Sister yelling in the background!

Friday, March 16, 2012

While Driving

BB: Mum, what animal do sausages come from?
Me:  Beef, pork, lamb, venison, chicken... or a mixture.  Pretty much any meat can be made into sausages.
BB: Even human meat?
Me: I guess, but then you'd go to jail.
BB: Why?
Me: Because it's against the law.
BB: Why is it illegal?
Me: Because it'd be murder.  And cannibalism.  
BB: But the person might already be dead.  And you could feed the sausages to another animal.  
Me: You're not allowed to turn humans into sausages, it's just illegal.  Even if they're dead.  If you think about it, how would anyone know the person was already dead - you might have murdered them to make sausages and then said they died some other way.
BB: Maybe there could be a factory.  A human sausage making factory.  You could go there and die where they could watch you and then they'd make you into a sausage.  
Me: umm.  No.  Ohh look, a helicopter!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chromatography by Big Brother

Today Big Brother is sharing his recent science experiment - chromatography.

We learned about separating colours.  I found out that black inks are not all the same.

First we made a dot with some different black pens.  We labelled them so we'd know which one was which.

When they were all ready we stuck them to the side of a glass and filled it with water.

We watched and waited.

  I was surprised to see the water creep up the paper.

As it crept, it took the ink with it and spread out the colours so we could see them all!

Chromatography is amazing!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quest... Vegetables!

Big Brother is working away on his Quest badges and has earned a few which he is anxiously waiting for. Most recently he's been working on his "Vegetables" Badge.  He had to try a vegetable he hasn't tried before.  After much casting about we hit upon butter (lima) beans and he created this salad:

Tomato, Cucumber and butter beans.  It's been a hit and has made it into the regular rotation.

He also had to make a dessert using a vegetable, so yesterday he had a great time making Black Bean Brownies... YUM!

We've ordered our first lot of badges so once they arrive there will be a presentation of the ones earned so far... yay!