Friday, March 16, 2012

While Driving

BB: Mum, what animal do sausages come from?
Me:  Beef, pork, lamb, venison, chicken... or a mixture.  Pretty much any meat can be made into sausages.
BB: Even human meat?
Me: I guess, but then you'd go to jail.
BB: Why?
Me: Because it's against the law.
BB: Why is it illegal?
Me: Because it'd be murder.  And cannibalism.  
BB: But the person might already be dead.  And you could feed the sausages to another animal.  
Me: You're not allowed to turn humans into sausages, it's just illegal.  Even if they're dead.  If you think about it, how would anyone know the person was already dead - you might have murdered them to make sausages and then said they died some other way.
BB: Maybe there could be a factory.  A human sausage making factory.  You could go there and die where they could watch you and then they'd make you into a sausage.  
Me: umm.  No.  Ohh look, a helicopter!


  1. Good distraction; helicopters are good for almost anything. Oh, and I think I'll pass on human sausages.

  2. I'm with D on this one. When I was a kid I vividly remember solving world hunger issues just by feeding dead people to hungry people. I figured if the starving people ate the people who had already died of starvation then the problem would be solved.

    This makes it even better cos it's more sophisticated to eat people in sausage form ;)