Friday, March 30, 2012


BB: if there was no gravity babies would float away as soon as they were born.
LS: it'd be quieter then cos they'd have no air to cry in space.

LS: If there was no gravity it'd be awfully hard to eat my breakfast.

LS: what flies in the air and wobbles?
BB: a Jellycopter.  What's around at Christmas and wobbles?
LS: A jelly santa!  What grows in the ground and wobbles?
BB: a jelly tree!  What do we live on that wobbles?
LS: a tectonic plate!
BB: no!  Well, yes.  But that's not made of jelly.

BB: Mum, when I was born could I talk?
Me: Babies don't talk when they're born.  They cry and use other things to let us know what they need.
BB: Then I got tired of waiting for you to work it out and start using my words.

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