Friday, December 23, 2011

pre-Christmas Adventures

We have been enjoying the lead up to Christmas and all of the excitement that brings when there are children in the house.  Big Brother and Little Sister love opening the drawers on their advent calendar and hanging a new decoration on the tree each day.  They take turns to wind the music box to play "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  The Playmobil nativity scene has been a hit, although LS insists all angels are, in fact, Little Bo Peep.  I think Little Sister's Favourite Christmas toy is the Lego Santa man though - she comments on him every morning.

The presents are mostly wrapped and under the tree and we are entering the "coking and baking" phase of preparations.  Big Brother helped make these Reindeer cookies today:

and tomorrow I will prepare Christmas Eve dessert and food for taking to various meals on Christmas day (and not to forget the whitebait patties for Christmas breakfast!)

Big Brother and Little Sister have been out to see some of the wonderful light displays around Christchurch - it's so great that so many people are willing to go to all this trouble and to share their displays with us - it really makes it magical for the little ones.  

Of course we've been to sit on Santa's knee (I might even add a photo if I manage to scan it one day) and Big Brother has established that they are not real santas.  Little Sister has changed her mind after saying she didn't like Santa all year and this year climbed up on his knee quite happily.  

Grandma took us to see the Santa Grotto run every year at the Spreydon Baptist Church, and it was wonderful as always, and yesterday we met Gran at  the giant Snow Dome set up in Hagley Park, complete with fake snow, snowman and Christmas trees.  

Merry Christmas!

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