Friday, February 10, 2012

Time Goes By

We're getting into the swing of this homeschooling thing, having fun and learning heaps.  Big Brother likes logic. maths and geography best.

We've been learning about chemistry and atoms and such like.  This week we made marshmallow molecules.

BB really loved this and caught on fast, moving on to modeling all sorts of reactions.  He was having so much fun we went looking for some online modeling options and found

Build a Molecule

Click to Run

which, along with the other simulations there has given him hours of fun, and led to all sorts of questions, some of which I could answer.

Little Sister has discovered that she loves puzzles

And drawing:

And all in all they're both pretty lovely just now.  Loud... but lovely!

We've started work on our renovations and extensions so I'm looking forward anxiously to showing you our new play/school room when it's all done!

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