Thursday, July 18, 2013

Term 2 is over!

The last half of the term disappeared in a flurry of music, swimming, poetry and drama.

Carrying on learning about using a compass and ruler to construct triangles, and using a triangle to make parallel and perpendicular lines.

He was delighted to find a workbook full of geometry tasks and had a lot of fun making straight line curves and measuring angles to solve puzzles.  

A resurgence in interest in geography has seen all the map puzzles back out 
And both kids have enjoyed learning to play Monopoly

Little Sister has taken a sudden shine to maths and is loving our Miquon books

And a recent Science Alive visit at kindy has reignited her interest in space, so she has decided to make a lapbook... more of that to come later!
We've had a LOT of rain!
<<< that's about 90cm of water in there!

Plenty of reading

And Mrs Bunny took her family (and a giant butterfly) for a caravan trip and picnic on the sun

Big Brother worked hard on his recorder and will join the recorder ensemble for the showcase next term... here's a little sneak peek.  

And finally, after lots of practice, Big Brother performed in the Christchurch Competitions Festival again.  This year he came home with three Highly Commended ribbons and a second place medal... yay!

Holidays now, yay!  We've just had a nice break, and now the friends-who-go-to-school playdate madness begins!  

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