Friday, February 4, 2011

Week in Review

This week has been busy.  We haven't had a single day at home all day (or even most of the day).

Little Sister is growing up fast, trying out more and more words and phrases now.  She is also trying her luck on the winding up her brother and generally doing as she's asked front... lucky she's cute!  After not being particularly interested she's suddenly taken a shine to puzzles, but will only do each one once (this sounds familiar).  I need to get the rest of the puzzles down so they're easy to pull out in rapid succession for her next session - and work out who I loaned some of them to.

Big Brother has had a hard week, but the end of the week has been much better than the beginning... yay!  He's three pages from the end of Miquon Red and is quite excited about finishing it soon - he's also very excited that gymnastics is starting back tomorrow.  This term he's starting keyboard lessons and the three of us will check out a music session at the CSM next week to think about that too.  Small Poppies starts back in two weeks time so we'll be busy this term.


  1. I have to give you back your puzzles :D I also have a few you can borrow too. AND I just discovered Mum gave me back your bowl and Andy must have put it in the cupboard! LOL I'll give thatback too, promise :D

  2. Coolies. Did we lend you a long wooden one with animals on it? I can't find it and can't remember if someone borrowed it.