Monday, May 30, 2011

Starting School

BB started the next phase of his transition to school on Friday, he's attending a year 2 class for one morning a week.  I feel a little sad that he's not going to get his 'turning five, starting school' experience, but I made sure I got a First Day photo.

He's not yet old enough to be enrolled legally so I have to stay, at least until the school is happy that he'll be ok.  I was reminded just how much time is wasted at school, and how much of the work is 'busy' work to keep the majority out of the way while one or two minutes of actual teaching / learning happens.  He enjoyed himself, although he commented that school has "a lot of waiting".  He was eyes everywhere and trying to read, look at, see and experience everything in the classroom all at once.  His classmates were lovely, and very welcoming.  He got a bit annoyed with the 'babying' they tried to do, but I'm sure that'll settle down.  Unfortunately he's beyond the current top readers in the class so was just handed something at the highest level available, a good two or more years below where any new learning might actually happen for him.  Maths will be the same, if not worse so I'm hoping that'll be different this week now that his teacher knows what to expect.

I'm still not sure if this is the right choice / going to work for long, I'm certainly not happy with the busy work that's been sent home, but I do very much like some of the other work, particularly the writing... and it took us an HOUR to get there by the time we'd fought through traffic and dropped LS off: not something I want to continue for too long.

Still wishing for an easy answer... but not sure it's going to eventuate!

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