Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter, School and General Madness

We had a lovely long weekend away with C's family over the Easter break.  We went to Akaroa and stayed in a great holiday home there.  Big Brother loved his trip on the boat around the harbour and "into the Pacific Ocean!"  We were too busy looking at dolphins and seals and caves and a single penguin to take photos, but here are BB and LS climbing a tree while we waited for the boat.  

Gran found some Easter stickers, and Easter Bunny found us too.  

 BB made himself an Easter Bunny mask which they've both enjoyed wearing.

Our exciting news is that, after much thought, BB is going to start attending a few sessions at school over the next term.  We discussed placing him in a year 3 gifted class, which would be a good fit socially and ok academically, but I'm worried he needs some school experience before he goes into that class, so he's going to attend sessions at a few different levels to learn about school first.  To start with, we'll go to a language class which is multi-age so should be a good start.  BB is excited, and I'm nervous!  Hopefully it'll all work out well.

LS is insisting she'd like to wear "bib gewl nippers" and is making good progress... nappy days may be coming to an end!

I think that's it from us... lots of playing, learning and having fun, not too much shaking lately... we're all good!

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