Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Acids and Bases

Big Brother has been asking to try this ever since he saw it on Suzy's World (more than two and a half years, oops!)

One purple cabbage, chopped up and soaked in boiling water.

Strain - voila, indicator!

Mummy may like to over organise things a little... but it looks pretty :-)

Add kids, mix and enjoy!

Ranking the results:

Big Brother wanted to test some more things too, so we added toothpaste, hand soap, milk, apple juice, mandarin juice and yoghurt.  

On discovering that coke, apple juice and mandarins are all acidic, but toothpaste is slightly alkaline, Big Brother thought of a reason why cleaning his teeth is a good idea.


  1. I'd have never known about purple cabbage as an indicator - what a great idea

  2. This is fab isn't it. I picked up a book at ateh Sally Army store a few months back of chemistry expts to do at home that has this in it. Just waiting for DS to show an interest so I can pounce on the chance to play. I have just discovered your blog but will be following with interest and no doubt copying a few idea :-)