Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nearly Five Year Olds and Two Wheeled Bikes

Big Brother learnt to ride a two wheeler this week.  He's been riding around on a bike with training wheels for a couple of years but has shown no interest in his Glide2Ride bike.  Last weekend I thought he might be ready to start learning to ride, so we headed down to the local school.  We forgot to take the pedals off before we went but he was happy scooting with them on.  A little bit of practice scooting on flat ground and then he started rolling down the wheelchair ramp to get used to balancing.  A couple of abortive attempt at pedaling with Daddy holding on behind, but he wasn't really getting it.

Today we went back down to the school to try again.  Big Brother started off rolling down the ramp again and after a few tries I suggested he have a go at pedaling when he got to the bottom.  And that's all it took... off he went, a two wheel riding boy. I'm very proud of you Big Brother.

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