Thursday, November 3, 2011

That's a Good Idea

We've been heading down to the local school after the school day finishes to let BB practice his bike riding in wide open spaces.  We also like to play on the letters and numbers painted on the ground outside the classroom.  BB likes me to give him words to spell and he jumps on the letters.  I asked him to spell "light", then "delight"... oh, that has a prefix, he says.  Then I asked him to spell "delightful".  Yay, a suffix AND a prefix he yells.  At this point a head pops out of a classroom.  And the following conversation happened:

Teacher: hello, are you visiting us?
BB: yes, I'm riding my bike on TWO wheels, and spelling some words
Teacher: how old are you?
BB: I'm nearly five!
T: will you be in my class soon?
BB: oh no, I'm going to be homeschooled
T: (looks at me) that sounds like a good idea.


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  1. That was gorgeous! Sounds like homeschooling will work well for you. Both my boys are at school and it seems to be working well for them, just as well really; not sure that I have the temperament for homeschooling.