Thursday, July 19, 2012

Motivation Rediscovered!

I must confess that my motivation for household tasks has been a little below zero lately, so some things have got a little out of hand.  I'm slowly climbing back into the task though... I think the recent sunshine has helped, and the return to a VLC diet has made a huge difference too.

So far I've tackled the garage, which has been a dumping ground for all the things that don't have homes while we renovate.  There's still a fair bit of homeless stuff stored in there waiting for homes when the house is finished, selling and dropping off at a donation bin otherwise, but I can now get more than 1m inside the door.  I cleared off the bench  and kitchen yesterday which had reached exceedingly embarrassing proportions of mess.  I've culled Little sister's clothes and shoes (not finished) and today was the pantry - again, embarrassing proportions.  Before and after shots.  There was an awful lot of expired food in there :-(  On the plus side, I've managed to move all of my flours / baking supplies into the pantry too... yay!  No, I don't know why we have so many glasses... I'm hoping natural attrition will take care of that, but it seems we're too careful with them, lol!

Still to do: laundry, dumping spaces in the dining room (x2), and my clothes and the rest of the kitchen cupboards could do with attention too.  
The school supplies, games / toys and a final cull of kid stuff, art / craft stuff and books will have to wait until renos are done so I can put things where they belong / work out what we need once we have our spaces organised.  Phew!

Count down to completion of the renovations... Gib board almost finished and plastering due to start on Tuesday <happy dance>

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  1. I recently sorted our pantry too which was much worse than yours! Now I can find things.