Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Olympics Time!

Big Brother woke me this morning to tell me it was 22 minutes until the opening ceremony started.  I suggested he come back and tell me again in 22 minutes.  Sooooo... 22 minutes later we turned on the TV and began our viewing of the 2012 London Olympics... wahoo!

I've been surprised to read a lot of negativity about the opening ceremony.  Mostly, I've noticed, from people who may not have shared a lot of the cultural heritage referenced and represented.  For us, we very much enjoyed it.  Highlights for Big Brother were the parade of nations and the references he recognised to various books he's enjoyed.  Little Sister liked the giant Voldemort and the flags.  I liked, as always the lighting of the flame, and I quite liked the James Bond / Queen scene too... a little cheesy maybe, but fun nonetheless.  

LS: Vol-da-mort was there, but Harry didn't come!
BB: It's ok, the Mary Poppins Army took care of them.

So now we have two weeks of Olympics.  LS asked in shocked tones why we were watching TV in the morning (this does not happen in our house).  She'll have to get used to it over the next two weeks!

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