Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catching Up: November

These last two terms have turned into an "extras" fest, with creative writing, German, French, Martial Arts, Penguins, Piano and Gymnastics for BB and LS, Saturday mornings at CSM, swimming lessons, sports and one off classes at various places!  We start winding down from Big Brother's birthday in early November, finishing off last tasks and moving on to projects and field trips. 

Big Brother turned 7, but that gets its own post. 

This month:

We started the month with a halloween party with friends. 

 C attended as a "man in black, Little Sister was a zombie princess and Big Brother was Harry Potter.  I was a cat :-)

Big Brother sat his grade 1 ABRSM exam and passed it well.  He worked hard to learn his pieces and I think he enjoyed the experience. 

Little Sister brought a painting home from kindy and was very proud to explain that it took a very long time.  "It's me, looking at the stars at midnight.   There are bombs and it's really dark."
 It even warmed up enough to fill up the pool :-)
Big Brother has been trying out One Day School this term, and is enjoying the experience.  He's studied bridges and buildings, the skeleton, crystals, fences, natural structures and some other topics.  Here're are some of his creations

He'll head back next year to continue the experience and we'll see how it goes!

We had a go at "wet on wet" water colour painting which the children enjoyed and are keen to have another go

And a friend came and "plastered" the kids to make masks. 

I'll update with paintwork when it's finished.
To round out the term we've been building k'nex bridges

And not to be out down Little Sister did some building of her own :-)

Next up... Big Brother's Birthday!

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