Monday, February 3, 2014

December 2013

Last post of 2013.. in 2014:-)

December disappeared in a flurry of finishing school, field trips, fun and a little bit of sunshine... and culminating in the present-fest that is Christmas around here! 

 Starting with decorating the Christmas Tree

 And making some decorations
Big Brother had his final parade for Penguins.  He has so enjoyed the experiences he has had with them, and is looking forward to returning next year. 
 A ride on the recently reopened Christchurch Tram
 And a trip up the Gondola too...
 It was a stunning day. 
 The sun came out, and the kids got wet!

 And we set about the serious business of adding art work to our windows. 

 Little Sister sang and played in her end of year music concert
 And she also discovered the joys of brainbox electronics!

 Letters were written to Santa

 And he may have gone a little overboard.. heavy on the My Little Pony, Minecraft and Angry Birds this year.
 C was very pleased with his sonic screwdriver
 And this is what the room looked like after 10 minutes or so... it's amazing how much school stuff and "things they need anyway" Santa can sueeze into a Christmas stocking ;-)
 The Rainbow Dash wig was a huge hit
 As was the unicorn helmet
 A little stop for some breakfast of ham and fresh berries
 Then off for Christmas with family

 The three cousins together!
 These bubble blowers made the most amazing hug bubbles!

 Little Sister built her Christmas Lego (a Lego Friends Magic Trick)
 And Big Brother checked out his 3D drawing pad. 
 Little sister crafted her way through to the end of the year

 And Big Brother got in on the act with his bracelet loom

 This is one of many... we're all bracelet-ed now!
And that brought us to the end of 2013... now on to 2014!

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