Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014

January saw lots of time in the sun (when it was shining!) and lots of fun time together with friends.  I spent a LOT of time decluttering and getting rid of stuff we no longer need, and getting the garage emptied out.

Thanks to Grandma we found the perfect table for our computer station...
 Little Sister discovered lots of crafts I had put in the cupboard.. now she can find them!
 And Big Brother even got in on the act
 He was very excited to find this experiment in there - making a vitamin C detector with starch solution and iodine. 
 Tomato, Melon, Broccoli and Apple... the clearer the solution the more vitamin C.
 Big Brother and Little Sister have been enjoying Tree House books by Andy Griffiths, and the discussions have inspired lots of good ideas for drawing and writing. 

 They even got to draw and write on the wall, because it's about to be knocked down!
 More crafting from Little Sister
 And the official start of our school year

 This is my current plan for some degree of accountability while letting them make their own choices too... finish the pegs in any order you like, do some mum work, and some together work, and you can choose whatever you like for school after that :-)

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