Monday, July 11, 2011

Parental Regrets

All parents have some regrets.  Some are big and some are small.  I think I may have done something I may live to regret.  I introduced Big Brother to the instruments of the orchestra via this website.

Conversation with the boy on the way home from preschool today.  (Bear in mind he's already learning piano).
BB: Mum, I want to learn the violin next year.
Me: That's probably ok - we'll have to keep thinking about it though.
BB: And I want to learn a woodwind too.  Maybe an oboe.
Me: I think you have to start with a recorder to do that.
BB: ok, I'll do that too.
Me: That might be a bit too much for all at once.
BB: But I have to.  I need to sit in all the places.
Me: huh?
BB: I need to be a whole orchestra.

<sigh> well, I guess it doesn't hurt to have big dreams, lol!

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