Sunday, July 17, 2011

Speech Competitions

I am a very proud mum tonight.  Big Brother had his first experience of competing in the Speech and Drama competitions this year - something I enjoyed as a child and I hope he will too.  The youngest age group is under 8 so he had to compete against mostly seven year olds, but he did a great job and got second in both of his classes.

Here he is doing his own selection poem:
Here are the words, as it's not always clear there:

I AM FALLING OFF A MOUNTAIN by Jack Prelutsky.  
I am falling off a mountain, 
I am plummeting through space, 
You may see this does not please me 
By the frown upon my face.  
As the ground keeps getting nearer, 
It’s a simple task to tell 
That I’ve got a slight dilemma, 
That my day’s not going well.  
My velocity’s increasing, 
I am dropping like a stone, 
I could do with some assistance, 
Is there someone I can phone? 
Though I’m unafraid of falling, 
I am prompted to relate 
That the landing has me worried, 
And I don’t have long to wait.  
I am running out of options, 
There’s just one thing left to try – 
In the next eleven seconds, 
I have got to learn to fly!

And here's the test piece:

Eight by Carol Mills

When I am eight I shall stay up late,
At least until seven thirty.
I'll have a school case,
Wash my own face, 
My knees will never get dirty.

My socks will stay up.
They'll buy me a pup,
And allow me to answer the phone.
I'll make my own bed,
Do sums in my head,
And ride on the bus on my own.

I can hardly wait until I'm eight,
But I'm taking so long to grow.
It seems far away,
But I'll get there some day,
Only three more birthdays to go!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so proud of the lil' guy! I'm especially proud that he managed to do it with his feet planted the entire time :D

    What a wee darling.