Friday, July 22, 2011

School Holidays

We're enjoying the slower pace of the school holidays, with organised activities on a break so we have time for getting together with friends and follow our own interests.  Our time at school has come to an end - the school chose to terminate our trial because they were unhappy that we weren't completely satisfied with what was happening and wanted to make changes.  Unfortunately they didn't like me discussing options and ideas with other people and chose to ask us to leave when we arrived at 9am instead... a phone call would have saved a lot of mucking around.  All in all it seems we've had a lucky escape given the management style of the school.

Next term for Big Brother:
- gymnastics: starting the 'new entrant' recreational class
- piano: starting book 4 (second half of year 2), this is skipping a year, so we hope it will work out for him
- French: with our eviction from school attendance at our old French class has become difficult so we've decided to try out the French Alliance classes instead.  They're happy for us to try both the 3 - 5 year old class and the 6 - 8 class, so we'll see which is the best fit for him.
- preschool: we'll continue two mornings a week for now
- dancing: he's very keen to look at some dancing lessons.  I'm still not sure... we might put this on hold until next year.
We'll carry on with our other stuff at home as interest leads us - at the moment that's leading to lots of painting with watercolours, Kahn Academy maths, writing stories and learning cursive.  We're also working on learning the recorder together... that may or may not go well!

Next term for Little Sister:
toilet training, playing, puzzles, stories, tea parties, learning to pedal her bike and loving Strawberry Shortcake!

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