Friday, October 26, 2012

Story Time with Little Sister

Little Sister has discovered the joy of getting mummy to record her endless stories.  I have become a scribe.  In the interested of my mental health I have limited the dictations to two stories per session.

Here are the two she did today:

"Aurora touched the spinning wheel and then the three good fairies put her to sleep.  When Prince Philip kissed her she blinked and woke up.  Then the three good fairies were happy.  Prince Philip brought Aurora down the stairs and the three good fairies saw her blue dress.  The red one turned it into a pink dress.  Aurora cuddled the king or the queen and Prince Philip married Aurora.  The dress went pink, blue, pink, blue."

(Illustration to follow when the camera has recharged)

"The ponies were staying at the pony house with flowers growing and they went to meet Cadence and Celestia.  They had a holiday with Cadence and Celestia and they had fish and chips and sausages and hot dogs for dinner.  Cadence and Celestia put some sauce beside the fish and chips and sausages.  Then they watched mum's favourite movie.  There was a princess in the movie singing songs and some girls and boys singing with her.  The princess was called Aurora."

She has had me write the title of the next story in preparation for her telling it when I want to write again.  The title is, "Swinging Hotdog Chairs".  The mind boggles.

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