Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are Elmo's Parents Dead?

So asked Big Brother this afternoon after watching Elmo's World with his Elmo obsessed little sister.  An internet search found two sets of parents for Elmo: George and Gladys, who are pictured holding a brand new baby Elmo, and Louie and Mae who are pictured with a toddler Elmo.  Louie was a SAHD until he was deployed "to help people somewhere" so Mae looked after him then.  BB concluded that Elmo was adopted by L&M.  This led into an afternoon of discussions about the various ways people can be parents and ways babies can be made, from egg and/or sperm donation to surrogacy and IVF... <phew> bit much for a gloomy Saturday afternoon.  We also discovered that Elmo has a sister, "like me!" says Big Brother.

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