Thursday, June 16, 2011


Mum, I'm eclipsing this stone.  I'm between the sun and it.

Mum, I'm not big enough to make a total eclipse of the tree stump, come and help.

Mum, I think we should make shadow puppets on the moon.  We'd need a really fast plane so we could stay on the edge where the sun comes over, and a REALLY big puppet.

Mum, will the sun still be eclipsed when it comes back up?  Oh, no, it will have moved further around.

Mum, the moon was eclipsed.  I saw a shadow go on it.  And I saw a darker shadow too.  I saw it get less and less full all in one morning, not a whole month.  It got too low to see though.  I hope the people in Africa were watching.

Mum.  Mum.  MUM.  I think he liked it.

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