Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Planning

In an effort to be more organised (and budget conscious) I'm going back to menu planning, and combining it with the freezer cooking I've already been doing.  I've also been looking at our timetable this term and thinking I definitely need all the help I can get keeping family life on track for the next few months.

First up... a list of "regular" meals... some for the kids (K), some for the grown ups (G) and some for all of us (A).  Some I use for lunches (L) as well.  Anything for the kids is gluten and dairy free, obviously - adult stuff is dairy free but maybe not gluten.  Things I cook in bulk and keep in the freezer are (F) and things that are prepared and stored in the freezer but still need cooking are (F*).

K, F, L (the sauce) Macaroni Cheese  add in minced ham steak or bacon.
K, F Spaghetti Bolognese (Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food recipe) served with GF Pasta
A, F Garlic Honey Chicken Thighs serve with rice
A black bean beef and noodles (beef schnitzel, GF noodles, frozen stir fry veg. and black bean sauce)
A, F* sweet potato and chicken casserole that, cook @ 200 degrees for 1 hr
A, F Teriyaki Chicken on rice or make fresh with this sauce
A, F Chicken Jalfrezi on rice.  (This is a daddy cooking recipe which makes extra for freezing)
A, F Rogan Josh on rice. (As above - daddy cooks, I freeze leftovers)
A, F* Pizza - use cheese sauce from mac'n' cheese above and add toppings. Can freeze bases, either shop bought or homemade.  Adults pizza doesn't need to be gluten free so this base and favourite toppings for C and me.
A, L meatloaf  serve with mashed potatoes, peas / beans
A, F Hawaiian pork chops, serve with mashed potatoes, peas/beans
G steak... yum!  rare with fries and maybe an egg :-)
A Fresh Chicken Spring Rolls.  Chicken prepared and frozen.  Prepare fresh with carrot and lettuce.
A five bean, cucumber, tomato and bacon (or ham steak) salad
A roast chicken and roast veg... I have a new marinade recipe from MIL to try
A roast beef and roast veg, traditional or slow cooked: this recipe or um... one I can't find right now.
A corned beef, potato, carrots, peas (pressure cooker - water, bay leaf, 1 hour)
A chicken drums and potatoes (oil and salt, cook at 200 for about an hour, turning.
G mince and pasta (lazy meal - jar of pasta sauce, packet of pasta) kids can have this too if I choose the right sauce
G garlic and lime chicken except I cube the chicken and cook it in the marinade.  Serve on rice.
A gnocchi.  Never had any luck making this myself but Korner Klearing Warehouse sells a GF freezer pack
A sweet'n'sour pork on rice
A pressure cooker beef stew... lots of recipes
A pressure cooker devilled sausages... peaches in the sauce is yum
A pressure cooker pork chops... with or without apples

I love my pressure cooker :-)

So that's the list of recipes we tend to cycle through, depending on season and mood.  We have a freezer full of home kill beef and lamb in various cuts.  There are a few other recipes I make from time to time - bacon and egg pie (and miniature GF one for Big Brother), meatballs, chicken patties - all things that go in the freezer until needed.

Phew.  Next Jan/Feb menu.

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