Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 1 round up

As I promised myself, here's a round up of week 1 of our school year.

We started the week with a trip to the beach instead of going to bed because it was much too hot.  Lots of fun jumping the waves and getting sandy.  Big Brother managed to have one of his sandals float off out to sea.  Oops.

Little Sister headed off to grandma's house for a holiday and stayed form Monday to Thursday.  She had a wonderful time, driving Go-Karts and playing with her cousin.

Big Brother has spent his mornings at a Sport Canterbury holiday programme, where he has tried out a variety of different sports and generally had plenty of running around and exercise.  The weather did not cooperate, with sweltering heat on Monday and heavy rain on Tuesday and Thursday, but he seems to have managed to have fun anyway.

Afternoons have been filled with Chess, and lots of it.  Reading (books about Chess, lol!) and a smattering of fiction.  He's re-watched Harry Potter VII pt 1, Harry Potter III and watched the Tale of Despereaux too.  We visited the New Brighton Library and walked out on the pier and saw some crabs getting pulled in.  He and I are taking a Coursera course in genetics and evolution - partly so I can get an idea of whether it's a good level for him.  He seems to be holding his own so far.  For fun and recreation he's been reading a level 6 maths book... I have no idea how much he's getting out of it, but he seems to be happy with it for now.

Since being home Little Sister has learnt to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano.  Her lessons don't start for a couple of weeks, so goodness knows what her teacher will think, but she's having fun for now.

We've been to play with friends, BB had a friend over to watch his movie with him, and we all met friends at the local school for climbing, riding and general mayhem.

Interests and Obsessions:
BB - chess and Harry Potter trading card game
LS - Ponies and Princesses

Read Aloud: The Secret Mountain (Enid Blyton)

I may or may not add photos later :-)

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