Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 2 round up

Week 2 in review...

Holiday programme 9-12 each day for Big Brother.  He has made papier maché, painted a pet rock, planted a geranium and been to the movies (Rise of the Guardian).  Unfortunately he was also kicked and punched by another child :-(  He was happy with how it was dealt with though, and decided that on the whole it was a positive experience, and he'd like to go again another time.

Kindy is back for Little Sister... three mornings of playing "Mums and Dads" with new and old friends,  sandpits, painting, dressing up, playdough and generally being three... yay!

On Tuesday Grandma took both kids to see a stage show of the Three Little Pigs.  BB's comments are in another post... that's about all I've heard about it, but they seem to have had a good time.

At home:

Lego for LS... this is a "policeman's house, and his 'mergency vehicle"
Lots of reading books.  Little Sister has decided she really wants to read like everyone else so she's working really hard.  She has reached about yellow level now (RTR) and is accelerating quickly.  I scored a Reading Eggs CDRom at Every Educaid's new shop (which is not as cool as it was prequake)  and she has had a little play with that but, like the website, it's just too much repetition and the steps are too small for it to be much fun.
Little Sister and Big Brother both got out their hot dots pens (LS has the cat and BB the dog) and played with their cards - LS is working on telling the time (o'clock and half past) and BB is reviewing and learning new stuff about the Human Body.

Working on our coursera course - Evolution and Genetics.  

Big Brother has been playing more Chess (surprise!), reading more Chess (another surprise) and trying out the lego mindstorms kit we have borrowed.  He made a start on his brand new handwriting book (E) and I'm working on tracking down a fountain pen for him to start using soon.  He's very excited about that!  He's been playing Minecraft, and enjoyed a movie afternoon with a friend.

This is my bargain of the month too... two buckets for oranising the kids' school supplies for just $2.99 each!

These will be especially handy as some of our school will be in the car / out and about this term.

Read Aloud: Still The Secret Mountain

Next week... school starts "properly"

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