Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 3 2013

Edging back to a more "normal" week, but with playdates instead of afternoon work.  School friends will be back at school next week and the week after, and term activities kicking off, so we'll be back in the swing of it in no time.

Theme of the week: 
THINK before you speak.  Opportunity to practice scissor skills as well as learning to be a little kinder with our words.  Big Brother has been desperate to try some fancier cursive than the plain italic style he's learning, so he got a chance to do that too.  

Maths: We're nearing the end of Ice Cream!  This week's topics included graphing functions, reviewing long division,  and counting back change.  BB is still very much in love with the Fred way of Maths.  He's also embarked on his "real" textbook for the year - Beta Mathematics and this week reviewed order of operations, factors and multiples and prime numbers.  It turns out he's never actually made a sieve of Eratosthenes, only read about them, so he enjoyed making one this week, and liked finding "patterns" in the numbers.  I think you're supposed to use it to find the primes though, not show why they are after you already know them... ah well!  He's enjoyed revisiting Kahn Academy too, and is getting into the groove on that.  

Spelling: topic words this week... true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind, piano, apologise, celebrate.  Two lessons of All About Spelling (5) completed.  

Typing: we only managed to get onto typing web once this week, but next week we'll try again :-)

Writing: was completed with out crying or complaining... woohoo!  We've worked through first part of WWE(3) and we'll ass in some more challenging stuff as we get into the swing of it.  

Handwriting: review of the oecs family and also adgq.  Taking care to form letters carefully and working on slope.  

Other stuff... playing with friends 

Enjoying the summer afternoons

Arty Things:
Crayon Rubbings

Little Sister calls this "The Spiral Bridge Between the Gardens"

And she calls this one "Stars Over the Sea"

We made Puppies today... more scissor practice!  

Introducing Sparkly Super Rainbow Flying Dancer Dog... he looks like a happy guy. 

Books Big Bother's been reading include (lots of chess and...) Me and My Dog Gary Crew, Birdmagic Holly Webb, Gods Goddesses and Monsters Sheila Keenan, DK Puppy Care Kim Bryan and Where Did I Come From Peter Mayle

Little Sister decided to surprise me this week and have a go at writing her own story:

"I am in my cot"
Great spelling!

Movies watched: Harry Potter #2
Websites enjoyed: wonderopolis, PhET, Kahn and Chesskid
Read Aloud: The Secret Mountain... nearly done!  

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