Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Sister's Trip to Hospital

Little Sister headed off to hospital for her gastroscopy this week.

We had to be there at 8am with no breakfast beforehand, so Little Sister and Puppy headed off nice and early.

When we arrived we met all of the doctors and other people involved, and then we waited for our turn. Because Little Sister was the youngest person she got to go first, so it wasn't long before she headed off.  She climbed up on the bed and breathed into her special mask.  A toy pig sang her a song, and by the time that was finished she was sound asleep.  It didn't take very long and soon she was waking up with mum and dad, having cuddles and meeting her brand new Princess Luna pony.  She got an ice block and two pieces of toast for breakfast and then she was allowed to go home.

Little Sister is very excited that she got to keep her special hospital bracelet, and she even got to bring home her masks 

Now we wait for the results and maybe a plan for her for the future!  

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