Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb - March Menu

28 meals in no particular order:

roast chicken and veges (twice)
fresh spring rolls (adults) / chicken patties (kids) with salad (twice)
corned beef, mashed potato, peas, carrots
spag bol (kids) / steak and chips (adults)
chicken drumsticks with potatoes and veges (twice)
mince and pasta
lamb rogan josh on rice (twice)
garlic honey chicken on rice with cucumber
mince pie with salad
mac'n'cheese (kids) / sausages (adults) with salad
ham, cucumber and bean salad
hawaiian pork with mashed potatoes and veg
deviled sausages
chicken jalfrezi
homemade burgers
chicken and kumara casserole
beef stirfry
homemade pizza
teriyaki chicken
chicken noodle soup
chickpeas and zucchini
vermicelli soup
ants in trees 
sweet'n'sour pork

Baking this month:
berry lemon muffin
oatmeal bars
coconut slice
chickpea muffins with chocolate hummus topping

GF Bread (Maree's recipe)
Maybe the GF Gobsmacked wrap recipe if I get around to it.  

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