Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Conversations in Shops

In the shop this morning the checkout chick was having issues making change.

DS: you need to count it back, like this, $12.50, 10 is 12.60, 20 is 80 and 20 to make $13, then $2 to make 15 and $5 makes $20.
CC: Blank look
DS: you need to give me $7.50 change.
CC: Are you a genius or something?
DS: no, I just really like Fred.  (Life of Fred maths - he's just been learning about counting back change)
CC: you like Fred?  Who's Fred?
DS: He's a five year old maths professor?
CC: There's more of you??
DS: no, there's only one of me.  I'm unique.
CC: yes, very unique
DS: that's redundant.

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