Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 6

This was a week of Big Brother's choice - a kind of "mid term break" for me, really.

He has played a lot of minecraft and is building up his recipe book.  He also started writing a minecraft-based story.

Lots of Chess was played, and books about chess read.  He had a go at some painting, drawing amd making shadow pictures and watched some Suzy's World (science) on DVD.

Life of Fred continued and the stile trays were produced for some spelling and reading comprehension review.

  A tray of chickpeas with an ice cube tray, tongs and a spoon was great fun,

and he even had a go at drawing, using the instructions from here.

 This was his first recorder lesson, which he seemed to enjoy, first week back at choir and he started his "Fun Theory" class as well.  It seems to have all been very much enjoyed.  On the computer I heard some Spanish, French and Japanese and lots of practice for the World Education Games.

In a slight cheat I introduced BB to the "Hands on Equations" programme which he has loved to bits and we'll continue with this next week.

There was lots more reading, plenty of trampolining and even a nature walk squeezed in there... we followed a trail of ants to see where they lived, and watched a dragonfly darting about.

Little Sister has been loving kindy, and has made a new friend this term.  She even got to do some allergy safe baking on Thursday which she was thrilled about.  She is enjoying her music lessons and likes to practice every day

Both kids completed their "introduction to Star Wars" course by watching The Return of the Jedi and liked it a lot.

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